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Looking at the latest trends for Autumn Winter 2012 in Vogue. I noticed the Edwardian style dressing on the Catwalk. Below shown a piece by Marchesa, which looks gorgeous and elegant…




Then looking back at the Edwardian Period shown below



The latest collections use lace and elegant material which flows as the models walk down the catwalk. It portrays a high, wealthy status.

looking at Louis vuitton’s fall collection 2012 the edwardian period was shown beautifully. The old steam engine was used on the catwalk for dramatic effect and to keep the audiences attention. The models step out one by one in the Edwardian style dressing; each with a porter carrying their hand luggage. (Shown above!)

Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 (by Americanvogue)

13 12 / 2012

I found CCS very interesting and feel it’s a different angle to look at fashion and footwear. I found blogging fun and a good way to express opinions. I will use it in future reference. I think it opened up my mind and thoughts and to look at books and other sources for inspiration rather then just the internet itself.

The only thing I found difficult was to actually use Tumbler itself and also Harvard referencing as I have never done or used either before.

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The 40s and 50s was the time of the Second World War; Fashion had practically ceased to exist. ‘Women who were not wearing his majesty’s uniform would wear something simple, ‘tough’ and ‘sensible’ short.’ Brooke (1951)

It was a time of rationing and shortages so the idea of function took over fashion.

The idea of the movies and the glamour in them was escapism for men and women at that time. They would feel special and happy watching these movies and the glamorous actors and would escape from the daily life of rationing, poverty and war.

The women in the movies were made to be appealing to men as sexy and desirable and for women they were made to be seen as glamorous and strong.

However there was an exception of Lauren Bacall who at the time was portrayed as modest and even though she was very beautiful her overall look was toned down as people could relate to her more, compared to Marilyn Monroe who was very glamorous and sexy.




Nowadays looking at Hollywood movie and TV stars I do think they have the same effect as they did in the 40’s and 50’s. We do look at the ‘celebrity’ lifestyle and aspire to be like them and copy there fashion trends. I think we aspire to TV show actors more than we do to movie icons though. Nowadays we have the recession and people can’t afford to live this Hollywood style and dress like them. So when we watch these movies and TV shows we feel special and happy and try to be like these ‘celebrities’.

I think we aspire to TV shows more as most reality like TV shows like Jordan’s life show and ‘the only way is Essex’  are actually ordinary people like you and me but because they are paid actors and they get to live this glamorous and luxury life which we all aspire to live like. They live an ordinary everyday life and also the glamorous one, which we can relate to.

Looking at Jordan she has this very glamorous life as she used to be a glamour model and is seen as sexy and beautiful on one side and on the other she’s got a family and kids and has gone through divorce which relates to everyday life.



To conclude, I think the actors in the 40’s and 50’s were quite modest compared to actors nowadays and people are more free to express themselves. We all aspire to live a luxury life and I think that the nowadays you can appeal to actors more as they are more ordinary people who are living lives of the ‘celebrity’

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Looking at today’s culture and trend and associating it with gender. I noticed the ‘countryside Alliance’ trend in Vogue for Autumn and Winter 2012.

 The women are dressed in smart trouser and jacket suits, with hats and ties on.

This style is great for the winter months as you can layer and wear cute printed jumpers underneath a blazer.



 The tie is a huge signifier of male dressing and also the hat.

It is associated with power and in the city business men would wear them. However on the countryside its more for smart looking farmers.

Women who wear these outfits are seen to be tom boyish and manly and the feminity and sex appeal is taken away when seen in this outfit above. Its more for the powerful women who stands equal to man.



A farmer or country man would likely wear the above outfit and this has streamlined into fashion in these autumn/winter months as it is seen to fit in with the weather and therefore would be a success in trend.

23 11 / 2012

Fashion and Marketing

Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo - Angel Panda, Devil Panda (by OfficialJimmyChoo)

I absolutely love Jimmy Choo Shoes and currently he is doing a collaboration with Rob Pruitt. Many designers do collaborations with big retail companies as it is a great way to market themselves and their products. Its also a great marketing strategy for retail companies to get there company known.

Jimmy Choo is already an established company and is huge all around the world. This collaboration is more about Marketing Rob Pruitt the designer and showing what he can do.

 The brand is already a very high end product and Jimmy Choo is very well known. He has a range of shoes and accessories and in particular Rob Pruitt’s collection is described as ‘wearable as a work of art’

I think anyone who buys from this collection is very rich and actually enjoys art and quite an out there style. As this collection has bright colours, animal prints and the devil and angel panda symbols in the lining.

The advert is made like a mini movie as it introduces the company and designer and at the end has a list of who directed it and who was involved in the making of it. It’s a small clip symbolising the sunconcious mind of Rob Pruitt. There is a devil Panda who jumps into Rob pruitts mouth and run off with one of his shoe designs and the angel panda is chasing it. It is marketed as a Limitied Edition collection so it makes the customer feel it is very special and only a limited amount of people will be able to own it. This gives a feeling of being part of something that is special and unique.

 Concluding I think it represents the brand as a very expensive and luxury item as jimmy Choo is known for. The idea of the collection is to enjoy the work of art that it is.

16 11 / 2012

I chose to look at my sons trainers that I bought for him from Sports Direct a few weeks ago…

They are a baby size 5, Nike Air max 90, all black with neon green lining.

My own photo (2012)

The inside label shows they are made in Indonesia but are designed by Nike.

The processes I think these had to go through were firstly the designing stage. Designs would be drawn up in the adult size trainer then the baby shoe would imitate that. The materials would be sourced, possibly from Indonesia or other countries and colour chosen for final. Then the materials would be cut and go through each stage of putting the pieces together. Machines would be used for some of the processes and some things would be hand made. Once the shoe would be made it would be marketed by Nike to retail companies to sell.

Looking at the process of where it is made in Indonesia. People work in terrible conditions and earn as much as ‘16p an hour and work 12 hours a day.’ labour behind labels. (2012).They have to work fast and under pressure. Companies like labour behind labels actually talk to designer companies like Nike and ask them to act on these poor working conditions and it is quoted that ‘Although definite improvements have been made, cases such as this show progress is too slow and not reaching those workers at the bottom of the chain’  labour behind labels. (2012)

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It’s a group of youths trying to find a group of people like themselves, having their own individuality against other subcultures, finding a way to express themselves through their appearance by following trends set by the genres of music they listen to or associate themselves with. They can be influenced by a group of friends, music; they want to rebel against the mainstream image and wear what they feel comfortable in.

The group of subcultures that are current are hipster, chavs, indie, chindie, emo, punk, trashy, grunge and vintage.

The subculture I am analysing is hipster fashion. Girls would be wearing caps, chinos, tight clothes, hot pants, and sort of street style with trainers.


Boys would be wearing; caps, beanie hats, tight chinos and skinnies, baggy tops and trainers. Either high tops or Nikes; few would have pierced earrings.


They are rebelling against the goody two shoes; smart working class people. The stereotype is they go out partying and get drunk and smoke. They live for the moment and enjoy every part of it and not caring what other people think.

‘We are who we are’ - song by Ke$ha

‘We make the hipster fall in love when we got our hot pants on and up’ A lyric from the above song

Rita Ora is also a singer who is a great example of hipster fashion, as shown below.


Originated in the 1940’s; the hipster fashion was born. Following the jazz style musicians. Who were cool and slick. People say the ‘hip’ part came from ‘hipi’, the West African word and the ‘ster’ came from ‘gangster’, so the term hipster was born.


 The concept of hipster is about self-confidence and not being afraid of anything. Which is why it could be associated with gangster style. It’s about being cool and collected and living in the moment aspiring to care free ‘celebrity life’

19 10 / 2012

The fashion or culture of the lotus shoe started in mid-10th century in China. The royalty started this culture where legend had it that Empress Taki was born with deformed feet and to save her future embarrassment her father stated that women were more desirable and thought of highly if their feet were bound. The tiny feet were a mark of beauty, wealth, respect, sexually appealing and to not have your feet bound was unthinkable. This went on for many years

The name originated from the shape that it was meant to look like a bud of a lotus or lily flower.        A lotus or lily shoe was typically 7cm which was 3 inches.  This was known as the most appealing type called the ‘San Zun Jin Lian’ which means the three inch golden lily or golden lotus.

The design of the shoe varied in different towns, so women would wear according to here they lived.  There was one type of Chinese group called the Manchu who were forbidden to bind there feet and adopted a heel on their shoes, which narrowed towards the bottom to be able to walk similar to ones who had their feet bound.

The shoes would be embroidered according to their own styles and often with a lotus flower. Many rich and wealthy people would have the sole designed nicely as they would spend most their days with their feet up.

There were five primary colours used to signify meaning with the colour used. Typically red, yellow, blue/green, black and white. Red was used to symbolise good luck. Yellow was only to be worn by royalty. Black was considered to be the colour of evil so only elderly had it on their shoe mainly and white was the colour for mourning which was only allowed to be worn for a period of time

Lotus or lily foot slippers from 1890 -1900’s


The foot binding was a culture Chinese women had to do or they would be seen to be unworthy, unsexy, and unmarriageable. The process was started between the ages of 2 and five. Normally started in the winter months as it was thought the feet would be more numb and it wouldn’t be as painful. Each foot would be soaked in a mixture of herbs and animal blood. The toenails were cut back to stop infections and ingrowth as they would be going into the feet. The toes on each foot were curled under the feet until they broke and then bound tightly with herb and animal blood soaked bandages. They would be rebound regularly and tighter each time. Also kneaded to soften the foot and make the joint more flexible. They were also soaked in a potion that made unwanted flesh fall off.

These cultures died down in the 20th century as they realised that it weakened the nation and many feminist groups and women specially protested against it. In 1949 when communists took over it was banned everywhere and to this day it still is.

 I feel this wasn’t a fashion trend but it was more of culture and it was absolutely disgusting. The way women were portrayed and treated is degrading.  The thought of the processes these women went through made me feel sick and I am so glad that it is banned in this day and age!

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Many fashion designers forget the environment when designing the new range of products for their new line. Examples such as fur which is cruelty to animals and products are looked at for cost reasons, so materials are used and no thought is gone to the recycling of them. So many factories are out their causing pollution all over the world.

  Puma launches the new biodegradable trainer, so the sole is made of biodegradable plastic and the upper is made of organic cotton and linen. They also include a range of recyclable shirts and plastic track jackets and backpacks. The sole of the shoe can be shredded and would turn into compost in six to nine months and the other range could be returned to the store to be processed.

Great advantages to the environment and costs for the fashion label. Also a definite better upgrade to the first biodegradable footwear that were a coated resin (see picture) and looked hideous, a better fashion option by puma. (See picture)

To conclude I think that it’s great that fashion is now finally thinking about the environment and the future of it; however will it limit the creativity for designers out there? If you are only allowed to use certain materials then I think it will.

(Source: reuters.com)

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Kate Middleton is a perfect example of how high street fashion filters down to mainstream. The daily mail posted the story of kate as a fashion icon; ‘crowning of a style icon’ and she does of course wear the designer labels however also wears the high street like LK Bennett, Reiss and Zara. Pictured below she wears Cream frock coat by Alexander McQueen (£2,290), Phillip Treacy hat (£840) - Trooping the Colour (June)



Then shown below she wears hight street fashion; Lace dress, Zara (£69.99), Ralph Lauren jacket, Gary Barlow charity concert at Royal Albert Hall, (December)



In conclusion, any celebrities and designing celebs are the main reason how fashion filters down as they are buying and wearing the latest collection by a designer label and the high street shops duplicate it so that ordinary people like us can wear similar styles at a bargain price. The desire is created though advertisements and magazines with pictures of models and celebrities in these clothes and we then look to copy the trends, for the ones who cannot afford the couture garments, can look to the high streets for bargains